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Managing engineering projects for over 40 years

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office d. Bar Akiva Consulting Engineers has been engaged in the design of electrical installations, generators, communication, building control, security, fire detection and extinguishing, and announcement since 1979.

The firm’s staff consists of professional and highly experienced electrical engineers, electrical planners, qualified CAD technicians and administrative staff.

The services provided by the firm are many and varied, our uniqueness is in the flexibility and innovative capacity of our technical teams to adapt ourselves to each project and provide a solution that will be the spearhead month in almost every field in which we deal.

What services does the company provide?

Electrical facilities

New technologies for the purpose of establishing new standards in the electrical facilities planned by the company and their integration at the forefront of technological development.

Aviation & infrastructure

Transportation infrastructures such as airports, electrical infrastructures for high-speed trains as well as electric railways, all of these are part of the company’s tasks.

Renewable energy

Green electricity generation, planning and construction of electricity generation facilities from solar and wave energy, wind energy and natural gas electricity facilities.

Communication and VLV

Fire detection and security systems, closed circuit television and building control are part of the very low voltage system belt that our office provides

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