green energy & renewable energy

Because being green is already a necessity

Keepers on the environment

Leaders in innovation in green energy and electricity production from nature

The world is thirsty for energy and resources are limited. The use of electricity production technologies from renewable energies or the use of green electricity production means, whose extent of damage to the environment is reduced, are a necessity. The Bar-Akiva Ministry has made it its mission to hire and contribute its knowledge to the planning and construction of solar energy, wave energy, wind energy and natural gas electricity generation facilities and will continue to champion the development of these measures for the purpose of preserving the environment.

Some of the selected projects

Additional services

Electrical Facilities

Transportation infrastructures such as airports, electrical infrastructures for high-speed trains as well as electric railways, all of these are part of the company’s tasks.

Aviation & infrastructure

Green electricity generation, planning and construction of electricity generation facilities from solar and wave energy, wind energy and natural gas electricity facilities.

Communication and VLV

Fire detection and security systems, closed circuit television and building control are part of the very low voltage system belt that our office provides